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The term Online Reputation Management or ORM refers to supervising the awareness about a business enterprise or a person over internet. This includes controlling the image of the subject on social media sites and search engines. it can also be called as Brand or Corporate management service respectively depending upon whether a brand or the corporate is being overlooked. The main goal of an ORM organisation is to spread positive or unbiased publicity about a brand or an individual. In this process they will intentionally pull down the negatives pertaining to the company in the search engine results. As a result, an optimistic image of the brand is highlighted and the unimportant points are obscured form the visibility.


The motive and techniques of both the Online Reputation Management and the SEO service company are quite similar. However the approach chosen by them is changed which makes the entire process different. The Search Optimisation Company will divert the internet traffic towards a particular site to enhance its business. In contrast to this, ORM companies are primarily bothered about building a branding or an image of an individual or a business group.

THE MECHANISM OF Online Reputation Management

The process of the reputation management involves constant promotion of novel and active material related to the brand. This is done on the social networking sites through blogs and articles. It also responds to the negative publicity of the product on the various online digital media. An ORM company utilises special tactics to make the process a successful endeavour. The steps involved in the mechanism are:

The analysis of the content on the website related to business or an individual is done with the help of monitoring software. In this way all the content generated through blogs or by writing can be regulated.

The development of user friendly interfaces so the brand becomes more reachable for its consumers is also done. The reaction to the negative responses is done intelligently so it does not impact the image of the company. Simultaneously favourable content for the brand is floated so it appeals to its users. It can influence the customers to a great extent and at the same time has a positive effect on the search engines results.

By employing an ORM you can be rest assured about maintaining the security and integrity of your brand or product.


Design an alluring and tempting website to direct the users towards your business Making the website more interesting and fascinating for the users Solve queries from customers in an interactive manner to create better awareness for the product Provide simplicity of usage to the consumers so that even a non skilled or people without much technical knowledge can use the site easily Presenting a cost effective design to the individuals and delivering the service on time Uncomplicated the websites so it gets loaded quickly without annoying the user Simplify the site to make navigation rapid and hassle free Enable the site for search engine optimization to gather best rankings .


Small and brief flash designs to make the site more attractive Designing a label for your business that will convey your brand fruitfully Rewriting or designing a website for your organization Drawing a banner for the site that will be used for subsequent promotion